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I am a PPC Consultant who helps businesses increase their online visibility and drive more traffic to their website, with the ultimate goal of generating them more leads and sales.

What I Do

My Services

As A Digital Marketer and PPC Consultant I offer a range of Digital Marketing services That allow your business to gain a digital edge across many online platforms.

PPC Consultancy

As a PPC Consultant I provide my clients with a variety of Pay-Per-Click advertising services for Google Ads / Google Adwords. 

PPC setuP Service

I provide a PPC Campaign setup service that ensures your Google Ads are setup correctly and in line with Google’s best practices. 

You will be involved throughout the setup process providing me with details about the products or services that you want to advertise using paid search, as well as approving every aspect of your Google Ads to ensure that you are completely happy with them. 

PPC Management service

My PPC Management service ensures that your Google Campaigns are being looked after by a Google Ads specialist. 

Whilst continuously optimising your PPC Campaigns based on the data they are generating, I will also be providing you with reports and insights as to exactly what is happening within your Google Ads account. I’ll also be utilising data from your Google Analytics in order to suggest changes to your current website that I believe will help to generate more leads and sales.

free ppc Campaign Research

It is important to find out whether a Google Ads PPC Campaign is the right digital marketing strategy for your business before signing any agreement. 

That is why I offer a Free PPC research service to all of my potential clients. I’ll research the potential cost-per-click costs, monthly search volumes and competition levels involved within a potential PPC campaign for your ideal keywords. Once this research is completely, I’ll then send this data to you in a bespoke data document at no cost to your business. 

PPC Campaign review

Often businesses run PPC Campaigns on Google Ads that are not generating them the results that they’d like. At this point, they need a PPC campaign review.

As a PPC Consultant I help businesses review their campaigns using my 5-point Google Ads review process. All of my clients receive a review document highlighting the areas of their campaign that need addressing. They also have the  option to get me to implement these Google Ads changes for them should they want me to do so. 

PPC Consultancy

As a freelance PPC consultant I am able to work with my clients on a consultancy basis. 

From a couple of hours of PPC Consultancy per month to full PPC campaign management on a monthly retainer basis, I offer flexible PPC advertising services that suit all of my client’s individual needs.

Whether it’s devising a PPC strategy from scratch or tweaking an existing Paid Advertising campaign, I can help with any Pay-Per-Click needs.  

PPC training

Often businesses want to manage their PPC advertising in-house and I can help them do that.

I offer Pay-Per-Click advertising training where I walk businesses through how to run PPC campaigns. Whether it’s learning how to setup PPC campaigns or showing them how to manage them, my PPC training consultations will leave them with the knowledge and confidence to look after their Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns moving forward.  

PPC COnsultant - Client Testimonials

My Client Reviews

Don’t just take my word for it. 

Take a look at what my clients say about me!

"It's been a pleasure working with Luke on our project, he is someone with as much attention to detail as myself. I know he has done the best he possibly could during the few months we worked together and I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending him to anyone that is asking for help with Google Ads"

Mark Dodds
Compex IT

"It was great working with Luke and the results speak for themselves. I Initially started working with Luke to raise my business profile through Digital Marketing. The Google Ads that he set up have attracted new business that I wouldn't have got and has allowed me to grow my business and take it to the next level. Luke is very easy to get on with and is always on hand to ask questions and give support. Highly recommend Luke to help grow your business."

John Beetison
The Strong Life club

"We worked with Luke to provide 121 Google Ads training and he was excellent. He's a clear expert and he went above and beyond on his delivery for our client, ensuring that she felt confident in going on to manage her own ad campaigns with best practice settings in place. We would book him again and we recommend him for all things Google Ads"

Rachael Dines
shake it up creative

Other Digital Marketing Services

Whilst I predominantly specialise as a PPC Consultant, I also provide my clients with a variety of other digital marketing services depending on their needs.

These include: google my business optimisations, Social Media Management & FREE Digital Marketing Consultations.

Google My Business Optimisation

My Google My Business Optimisation service is perfect for businesses who want to increase their local online presence. This service allows businesses to stand out on Google Maps and attract new local customers who are searching for a business like them.

Whether a business is yet to setup a Google My Business profile and need help doing this, or they have an existing profile that isn’t fit for purpose, I can help them get the most out of this digital marketing tool. 

Social Media Management

The use of social media to continuously interact with consumers is essential to the success of any modern business.  

I can take responsibility of managing this vital relationship, allowing you to use your expertise to focus on providing a high quality service to your customers. Within this service, I can plan, create and post innovative posts and content to your Social Media channels, whilst also analysing analyse their performance. Start using Social Media to stand out from your competitors and attract new clients. 

Free digital marketing consultations

As a PPC Consultant, I often speak to clients whose business would benefit from other marketing methods to PPC Advertising as often PPC just isn’t suitable for them. Fortunately, my experince as a PPC Consultant has enables me to gain a holistic understanding of Digital Marketing, meaning I can point potential clients in the direction of other digital marketing methods that I believe would provide optimal results for their business.  From SEO & UX Design to Paid Social Media Marketing, I can you decide what methods may be best for your business.

If you are unsure which digital marketing methods would work best for your business, let’s have a chat and I’ll see how I can help you. 

How I Work

My Process

Behind any good business is an even better Process.

Mine Involves 3 Detailed Steps Which Enable Me To Provide My Clients With A Complete Digital Marketing Strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Step 1

1. Strategy

To gain a digital edge over your competitors you need more than great ads. Whenever I take on a new client, I discuss at length with them what their business does and what they want to achieve from utilising PPC Campaigns or any other digital marketing strategies. From who their ideal clients are to what services they want to promote, no stone is left unturned. 

I then look to identify all stages of the customer journey within my client’s business, allowing me to suggest how to plug any gaps or improve any stages of this vital process. After conducting all necessary research, I’ll work with my clients to produce a bespoke and in-depth digital strategy proposal, before asking them to approve our finished plans.

Step 2

2. Implementation

Once a complete digital strategy is created, I will proceed to accumulate all the digital content and creative assets required for strategy implementation. Here, I will create the first set of digital adverts ready for my client’s approval.

Upon approval, I’ll then look to implement these “Ads” whilst continually monitoring their performance through a digital testing phase which involves the analysis of all available data. This phase of any new strategy is vital for creating future business growth.

Digital Marketing Implementation
Digital Marketing Optimisation
Step 3

3. Optimisation

Once the Implementation phase is complete, I’ll have multiple data insights to analyse and act upon. From these, I can determine which aspects of our strategy have worked well initially.

I will then look to optimise my client’s campaigns by focusing on the best performing adverts and reallocating budget and ad spend accordingly to focus on these. At this point, will will also have the opportunity to begin to scale ad spend in order to achieve an optimal return on investment. 

Let Me Help Your Business Grow Online.

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How Can I Help?

What Are Your Business Goals?

Sometimes you know what you want to do online, but not how best to achieve it. Identify your business goals below and let me do the hard work for you.


Raising ‘Awareness’ means putting you in front of new potential customers. My services can get you in front of online users that are either interested in what your business provides, or who are actively looking for a business like yours. 

Once the eyes of these users are on you, I look to drive them to your website, encouraging them to find out more and take action. 


Encouraging ‘Consideration’ means targeting customers who are currently researching and looking for a solution to a problem. These customers already know who you are, but also know of your competitors. 

Here, I will retarget these customers presenting them with information to convince them that you are the ideal solution. I’ll look to influence their decision making process by highlighting the benefits of your offerings, making sure they know that you are better than all of your competitors.


Achieving “Conversions” means making users take actions that are valuable to your business. These actions range from customers providing you with an email address or arranging a meeting, to customers making a purchase or booking. 

As the final stage of the customer journey, gaining Conversions is vital to long term business success. I target those customers who are most likely to convert, giving you the largest possible return for your advertising spend. 

Free Marketing Consultation

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How Qualified Am I?

My Marketing Qualifications

Google Search Ad Certification
Google Display AD Certification
Video Ad Certification
Google My business Certification
fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Certification

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