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Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management service allows us to take on the responsibility of running your social media accounts, enabling you to focus on providing a high quality service to your customers. We will help grow and manage your online community whilst also helping to build your business' online social media presence.
Social Media Management

Social Media Audit

Initially, we’ll look at your Facebook Page setup and see whether we think we can optimise it in anyway. We know that the simplest of changes can lead to greatest rewards. From Page Type to Social Media Post Content, we will assess your current Social Media pages and their performance and advise you on how these can be optimised.

Social Media Audit
Social Media Campaign
Social Media Management

Organic Social Media Campaigns

We also help your business to start to plan an Organic Social Media strategy . The phrase “Organic” relates to any social media activity that you don’t need to pay for. This activity can range from photos to page posts, and is vital to how your business interacts with your customers across social media. So if you want to increase your Social Media presence online without paying for adverts across the different platforms, then our Social Media Management service is for you! 

We’ll work with you to plan engaging Organic content weeks ahead, giving you a clear Social Media direction, whilst also ensuring you have plenty of time to sign off content and provide us with feedback.  The posts we create will be engaging and unique to your business, whilst also ensuring they are in line with your business’ brand. 

Your business will have its own allocated Account Manager who will be your main point of contact. They’ll manage all the work done on your account, whilst always being on hand should you have any concerns or questions. 

Social Media Management

Organic Boost Strategies

If you want to expand the reach of your Organic strategy to people outside of your community (people who like your Social Media pages), our experts can “Boost” your posts to target new potential customers based on interests, location and detailed demographic data. Whilst this method does require you to pay for adverting on social media platforms, the budget you spend on this is totally up to you, ensuring you never spend more than you want to.

Boost Posts
Content Creation
Social Media Management

Content Creation

As well as planning your Social Media strategy, we also create the content within it. We create bespoke Image and Video content for our clients that makes them stand out from their competitors online. 

To ensure your posts look professional and unique, we use a combination of custom made images, premium stock photos or graphics provided by you within our strategy, keeping your approach to Social Media marketing fresh and creative. Video is proven to engage best with users on Social, so we can also create bespoke eye-catching videos for our clients, perfectly formatted to fit across your social media channels. 

You’ll be involved throughout the content creation process, from idea generation to content sign off and implementation, giving you plenty of opportunity to provide us with valuable feedback whilst maintaining full control over what gets posted to your social media account

Social Media Management

Reporting & Analysis

We will continuously monitor and analyse the progress of all of your social media campaigns. We’ll take a deep dive into your Social Media analytics and identify the key data insights within them, allowing us to constantly improve and grow your social media presence. 

We’ll provide you with weekly or monthly reports about whose engaging with your social media presence. Within these reports, you’ll be able to see Key Metrics like Web Clicks, Engagement and Audience Growth, as well as a detailed Demographic Breakdown disclosing  exactly who is interacting with your business online. Social Media Post Analysis will also be disclosed within these reports, highlighting which of your posts performed particularly well over the last month, with us breaking down this section with key impressions and engagement metrics.

 You will also have the option to have weekly or monthly meetings with your account manager to discuss your social media progress. These sessions can be used to answer any questions you may have, as well as discussing this week/month’s report.

Digital Marketing Report
Social Media Marketing
Additional Service

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing service perfectly complements our Social Media Management service. We can integrate a Social Media Marketing strategy alongside an Organic Social Media Campaign to achieve large levels of growth for your business online. 

Across Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, we can target your ideal customers based on their interests, demographics, locations and more, allowing you to generate increased awareness, quality leads and valuable sales. 

We also offer a Social Media marketing”Retargeting” service, where you can reengage potential customers who visited your website, but didn’t purchase from you.  

We can create a Social Media marketing strategy tailored to your business’ needs in a matter of days, so contact us today to start your very own Social Media marketing campaigns. 

*Discounted rates are offered for clients that opt into both our Social Media management and a Social Media Marketing services. 

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