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What Is Youtube Advertising?

With over 2 billion users actively logging in every month, Youtube is one of the fastest growing advertising platforms worldwide. Furthermore, as the largest video hosting platform and the 2nd largest search engine in the world, this platform can reach and specifically target millions of users based on the data they capture from their users activity.
Youtube Advertising
Youtube advertising

What Is Youtube Advertising

YouTube is a used by so many people  in their daily lives, whether they are at home, at work or on their commute, making it a great platform for your business to advertise.

Whilst users tend to use Youtube for viewing their favourite video content, advertisers can utilise the platform’s continuous data capturing systems to specifically target potential customers based on their interests, demographics, location and behaviour. 

Youtube users who have been targetted specifically by an advertiser are then shown adverts that are specifically created and aimed at them across a range of locations on Youtube. 

You choose what audiences that you want to target and we will do the rest, ensuring your business gets in front of potential customers as they watch their favourite video content.


What We Do

We’ll plan your Youtube campaigns, assist with the design of your creative content and carry out thorough testing and optimisation on all of your adverts on Youtube through the use of detailed data analytics, ensuring you’re providing the most effective ads to your audience.

You’ll have full control and sign off on all advert audience targeting and bidding approaches, allowing you to maintain a constant hold on how your brand is visually portrayed to millions across Youtube.

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Youtube Ad Formats

Depending on what your business objectives are, Youtube offers a range of ad formats to best target your potential customers.

Looking to raise Awareness?:

  • Bumper Ads: 6 Second Video ads 
  • TrueView For Reach: Skippable In-stream Video ads
  • Non Skippable: In-stream 15/20 second Video ads 
  • “Outstream” Video Ads: These ads run outside of video streaming, for example within news articles or before mobile games. These help you extend your reach beyond Youtube videos. 
  • Video Mastheads: These appear at the top of home pages or search results. Allowing you to show your brand to huge audiences. 

Looking to increase Consideration?:

  • Trueview in-stream ads: Skippable ads bought on Cost-Per-View (CPV). You only pay when a user engages with an ad.
  • TrueView Discovery ads: be thre at the key moments when viewers discover new videos bought on Cost-Per-View (CPV). These can appear on the Youtube Homepage, Watch Page & Search results

Looking to drive Conversions/ encourage customers to take Action?:

  • Trueview for Action Ads: Skippable in-stream ads that drive acton within websites like “Sign-ups”, Referrals, Bookings, Subscriptions, Leads or Purchases. 

When Are Youtube Adverts Effective?

As a video streaming platform, Youtube is great for capturing the attention of new target audiences whilst they view their favourite video content online. It can be used to raise awareness, encourage consideration and drive conversions due to its variety of ad formats, allowing you to meet any business objectives.

With each visitor spending over 11 minutes per day on the platform, Youtube can get you in front of thousands of new “quality” customers and should be a vital component of your marketing strategy to ensure you don’t miss out on business online!

Youtube Bidding Strategies

Flexible Bidding Approaches

Youtube’s systems allow advertisers to choose from a range of advertising bidding approaches, charging businesses per view (CPV), per day (CPD), per 1000 impressions (CPM) or per acquisition /conversion (CPA), meaning we can tailor your advertising approach based on your business’ budget and objectives. 


Free Display Advertising Spend

Contact our team to put your business in front of new customers on Youtube in a matter of days and maximise your business’ online potential! 

We can help set you up with Youtube Advertising today, as well as helping our clients who are new to Google Ads gain up to £120 in Free Ad Spend.

Retargeting / Remarketing


Retargeting is considered by many marketers as the most valuable digital marketing process any business can do. Retargeting is where businesses advertise to potential customers who have previously viewed their products and services online but did not complete a purchase. We offer Retargeting services on the Google Ad words platform and across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to ensure you can reach as many customers as possible across multiple platforms online.

Retargeting through Youtube allows us to retarget previous visitors to your website or users who have already viewed your video adverts. We can use Retargeting to reconnect you with previous cart abandoners, as well as any other users who failed to convert along your business’ customer journey.


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