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What Are Google Search Ads?

Google Ads (Search), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Paid Search Marketing refers to the sponsored results that appear at the top of any Google Search listing when online users conduct a Google Search. We create these Google Adverts for your business that appear at the top of Google Search Or Google Maps search results, putting you right in front of new potential customers at the exact moment they are searching for your products and services.

We provide specialist Google Ads services to multiple clients in Warwickshire, Leicestershire & the West Midlands, as well as across the United Kingdom.
Google Search marketing
Google Ads - Search

Appear At The Top Of Google Searches

This form of advertising aims to place your business at the top of customers search queries on Google Searches & Google Maps, making you visible online at the exact moment potential customers are searching for your products or services. We enable you to outrank your competitors giving you increased online visibility, whilst driving an increased amount of user traffic to your website with the ultimate aim of converting these users into customers. 

Google ads - search

What Will We Do?

We will work efficiently with you to establish your business goals, advertising budget, effective keyword search terms and effective landing pages, allowing your ads to appear immediately. You will always have complete control and sign off on any adverts before they go live. 

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Appear in Google searches

How Does Search Advertising Work?

This form of advertising is extremely targeted as your Ads will only appear within Google Searches when customers are searching for the “Keywords” associated with your business, meaning those who see these Ads are already showing an intent-to-purchase from your business. If a user clicks on your advert, you’ll be charged, however if they don’t, there is no charge to your business (hence the Pay-Per-Click aspect of this service), making it an extremely cost-effective advertising option. 

You will have complete control over what aspects of your business you choose to advertise, where and when your adverts will appear, and most importantly over your budget. 


Free Search Advertising Spend

We can help set you up on Google Search today, whilst helping your business benefit from up to £120 in Free Ad Spend, providing you are new to Google Advertising. 

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Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it! See what our Clients who have used our Google Ads service had to say about us.

"I would be happy to recommend Luke for any Digital Marketing needs! Luke helped me launch a Google Ad which I knew nothing about and provided comprehensive reports & suggestions throughout my campaign.

I knew nothing about advertising on Google and I was really pleased to have received the support and guidance from Luke through my Christmas campaigns. His expertise is very clear!

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LIsa Organ

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"As a small business I was struggling to promote my house clearance service on Google. LW Digital explained step by step what they could do and how they would do it. 

They provided a personalised service that was tailored to my business needs, even working with my website designer.


Since using LW Digital I have appeared on the first pages of Google, increasing the amount of calls and business I have received, which is especially important to me during the current coronavirus pandemic"

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John Carlin

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This document will describe all aspects of each of our services, whilst also breaking down what is included within each of our service packages. You’ll then have the freedom to select which services & pricing packaged best suit your business. 

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