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What is Retargeting?

Retargeting / Remarketing
Retargeting is considered by many marketers as the most valuable digital marketing process any business can do. Retargeting is where businesses advertise to potential customers who have previously viewed their products and services online but did not complete a purchase.
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What Platforms Can I "Retarget" Customers On?

We offer Retargeting services on the Google Ad words platform and across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to ensure you can reach as many customers as possible across multiple platforms online. 


What We Do

We’ll plan your Retargeting campaigns, create your retargeting lists and audiences, design your adverts and carry out thorough testing and optimisation on all your retargeting adverts through the use of detailed data analytics, ensuring you’re providing the most effective ads to your audience. 

You’ll have full control and sign off on all advert designs, audience targeting and budget allocation, allowing you to maintain a hold on how you want your brand to be portrayed across the platform.

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Retargeting Formats

The formats for your retargeting ads depends on what platforms your marketing campaigns are operating on. 

For example, on Facebook and Instagram, advertisers can create a diverse range of creative ad formats, including single image, carousel, video and story adverts. However a Retargeting campaign on Google Adwords through Search advertising, Display Advertising & Youtube Advertising will differ due to the specific nature of these marketing services . For more information on the ad types offered on these services, visit the specific pages associated with each service.


Dynamic Retargeting

With Dynamic retargeting, we use audience data and intent signals to show users dynamically generated ads depending on which products or services they viewed on their last visit to your website.  As a result, these ads are hyper relevant to them, effectively recapturing their attention which had previously been lost after they failed to complete a purchase.


Dynamic Retargeting
Cart Abandoners

Cart Abandoners

Our retargeting services also enable you to specifically target and segment those potential customers who added an item to their shopping cart but failed to make a purchase. Retargeting these users is a great way to recapture lost sales, with the potential to show them promotional codes/discounts or added product information which are proven to convince these customers to return to your website and confirm a purchase.


Extensive Customer Journeys

Many businesses often have long and extensive purchase journeys. These journeys require customers to partake in extensive research before they decide to make a purchase. Retargeted ads can be used to inform, encourage and convince potential customers at specific stages of this process to proceed to the next stage of the purchasing journey, resulting in them making a purchase. 

They can also be used to target users who dropped out at some stage of the customer sales journey, encouraging these customers to return to your website and continue along this journey, ultimately leading to a conversion.

By utilising Retargeting Ads, your business can stay at the forefront of a these customers’ minds, giving you a digital edge over your competitors. 

Customer Journey Targeting
Content Creation

Content Creation

As well as planning your Retargeting Marketing strategy, we also create the content within it. We create bespoke Image and Video adverts for our clients that makes them stand out from their competitors online.

To ensure your Ads look professional and unique, we use a combination of custom made images, premium stock photos or graphics provided by you within them, keeping your approach to Social Media marketing fresh and creative. Video is proven to engage best with users on Social Media, so we can also create bespoke eye-catching videos for our clients, perfectly formatted to fit perfectly across multiple social media channels.

You’ll be involved throughout the Ad content creation process, from idea generation to content sign off and implementation, giving you plenty of opportunity to provide us with valuable feedback whilst maintaining full control over what gets posted within your Retargeting Marketing Campaigns. 

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