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What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing Service
With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is an extremely valuable platform for advertisers to utilise. Focusing primarily on the "visual" aspect of content, Instagram is great for capturing the eyes of new target audiences customers online in order to market your business' products or services. 

Now owned by Facebook, Instagram possesses the same targeting capabilities as Facebook, allowing you to specifically target potential customers based on their interests, demographics, location and behaviour.
Instagram Marketing
Instagram Marketing

How Does Instagram Marketing Work?

Whilst users tend to use the platform for sharing interesting image and video content,  advertisers can utilise Instagram’s continuous data capturing systems to specifically target potential customers based on their interests, demographics, location and behaviour. Instagram users whose interests and demographics have been selected by an advertiser are then shown adverts that are specifically targeted at them across a range of locations on Instagram such as on the Feed and Instagram Stories.

You choose what interests, behaviours and demographics that you want to target and we will do the rest, ensuring your business gets in front of potential customers as they browse their social media.


What We Do

 We’ll plan your Instagram campaigns, design your adverts and carry out thorough testing and optimisation across all of your adverts on Instagram through the use of detailed data analytics, ensuring you’re providing the most effective ads to your audience. 

You’ll have full control and sign off on all advert designs, audience targeting and budget allocation, allowing you to maintain a hold on how you want your brand to be visually portrayed across social media.   

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Instagram Marketing Formats

The ability of Instagram to access Facebook’s advertising platform also enables advertisers to create a diverse range of creative eye-catching ad formats, including single image, carousel, video and story adverts.  This means you can get in front of new customers eyes across multiple key placements areas on the platform, placing your brand at the forefront of their minds whilst they scroll through Social Media.


How Can Instagram Marketing Help Your Business?

Instagram allows advertisers to run campaigns centred around a range of different business objectives and the desired actions they want new customers to take once they see an image associated with your business. This can range from driving online traffic to a website, increasing footfall to a shop or restaurant, gathering new leads or generating new online conversions. 

In addition to accessing Instagrams own preset audiences which group similar Instagram users together based on their data, we can help your business create unique and custom audiences and retargeting audiences, allowing you to reconnect with users who previously engaged with your business. Creating and targeting these audiences drives retention and brand loyalty, as well as encouraging those users who almost purchased from you to finish the process and convert.

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Content Creation

Content Creation

As well as planning your Social Media Marketing strategy, we also create the adverts within it. We create bespoke Image and Video adverts for our clients that makes them stand out from their competitors online.

To ensure your Ads look professional and unique, we use a combination of custom made images, premium stock photos or graphics provided by you within them, keeping your approach to Social Media marketing fresh and creative. Video is proven to engage best with users on Social, so we can also create bespoke eye-catching videos for our clients, perfectly formatted to fit perfectly across multiple social media channels.

You’ll be involved throughout the Ad content creation process, from idea generation to content sign off and implementation, giving you plenty of opportunity to provide us with valuable feedback whilst maintaining full control over what gets posted within your Social Media Marketing Campaigns. 



Retargeting is considered by many marketers as the most valuable digital marketing process that any business can do. Retargeting is where businesses advertise to potential customers who have previously viewed their products and services online but did not complete a purchase. We offer Retargeting services on the Google Ad words platform and across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to ensure you can reach as many customers as possible across multiple platforms online.

Retargeting through Social Media Platforms allows us to retarget previous visitors to your website, using a combination of text, image and video. We can use Retargeting to reconnect you with previous cart abandoners, as well as any other users who failed to convert along your business’ customer journey.


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